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Who We Are

The Kayd Foundation was created in mid of 2018 as a response to the disparities in health, environment, development and education which exist around the world.

The mission of the Kayd Foundation is to provide necessary tools  that will help individuals and communities to live healthier and more productive lives in the areas “determinants of health- Social health determinants; health: health care system, mental health; education; and Sustainable development .


The Kayd Foundation is presently going actively working to address issues  that concern social health determinants and sustainable development to individuals and communities all over the world, through awareness to action as the  focus and the link between health, education, and environment programs into actionable programs “ we are committed focusing on the real problems of the people with the most urgent needs and then prioritize, then many people will grow up healthier, more productive, live better environmental quality, get a better education, and gain the power to lift themselves out of  substance and disparity”.

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