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Our Vision

Vision: promote Social Health determinants and sustainable development.

Goal to achieve: A world with equity between present and future generations.

Mission: Committed to providing equal opportunities to all regardless of socioeconomic status by providing educational programs that will give individuals the tools to live successful and impactful lives.

Welcome! to the Kayd foundation. The purpose of this site is to promote the Sequence of health, Education, Equity - socioeconomic


Kayd Foundation is charitable 501c(3) organization.


Community wide focusing underlying social conditions (disparities):

1.   Health Programs

2.   Educational Programs

3.   Environmental Programs

4.   Developmental Programs

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Kayd Foundation Strategic programs

Kayd Foundation focuses on improving human’s health, education, knowledge and skills to increase productivity by giving them the chance to lift themselves out of all types of disparities.  We seeks to ensure that all human—especially those with the least resources—have access to the opportunities they need to succeed health and good quality of life. Kayd Foundation is based on Twin cities in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Breaking the cycle of poverty one of our strategic program is creating positive social change by supporting all interrelated agencies, and organizations in a more transparent and accountable manner in the lowest income communities to overcome barriers and build the solid foundation for a successful future through collective power of partnerships, and  Kayd Foundation's innovative programs is preparing overall is emphasizing in the real sense equity from now on between present and future generations yet to come.